Annual King’s Auction

Don’t miss a chance to win a $1,000 tuition credit! All donations received by February 17 from current King’s families will be eligible for the final procurement contest!

Besides being a great deal of fun and the schools largest community event, the annual King’s auction is a fundraiser undertaken by the parent community in support of the entire school.

This year, our theme is “There’s No Place Like King’s” and the event will be held at the Lynnwood Convention Center on March 17, 2017.

There are two primary functions of the auction:

  • This is an opportunity to raise money. The funds raised are considerable and are of great benefit to our school.
  • This is an opportunity for all parents, alumni, faculty, and students to build community and to celebrate our common interest in the education of our children.

This year proceeds will go to these important initiatives:

  • Financial Aid
  • Teacher Endowment
  • Emergency preparedness upgrades preschool through high school

To help us attain this goal, each family is asked to procure 1 to 2 items with a value of $100 or more.

The Amazon Auction Wish List is an easy and quick way to purchase your donation today. You can also support the auction with a cash donation at

Thank you for supporting this great event!

Please contact Sally Ralston, Director of Marketing & Admissions, at or 206-546-7218 if you have any questions or want to get involved.