As parents, you want the very best for your child. Choosing the right school for your family goes beyond searching for who can offer the best education, it also includes trying to find a community that fits your family’s needs. In your search for the best fit, the first question you should ask yourself is, “public school or private school?”  

Benefits of public school 

Both public schools and private schools have unique offerings, but which will be best for your child and family? Let’s first explore the benefits of public school. 

No Tuition Costs 

Because public school is government funded, families only need to pay for supplies and anything extra their child may participate in like sports or extracurriculars. This makes the cost to attend public school very low and affordable for all families. If you are curious about comparing public school costs with private school, take a look at the breakdown of cost and financial aid for King’s Schools.  

Students and families are from the same area  

Another unique benefit of public school is that students all come from a shared central location. This makes it easier for you to get plugged into your child’s school community. Playdates and after school gatherings are easier to get to because families are either in your neighborhood or nearby. If your child decides to participate in after school sports or extracurriculars, you will not have to worry about commuting far in order for them to participate.    


All students have access to receive an education through public school. By law, public school cannot turn away students based on income level, academic performance, or disability. If you decide public school is the right choice for your student, you will not have to worry about the application process and waiting to see if your child gets in. At King’s Schools in Shoreline, WA the application process is made easy if you want to explore a private school option. Check out how to apply at King’s Schools.  

Benefits of private school  

The benefit of sending your child to private school transcends beyond the classroom. Here are three benefits of attending private school.  

Smaller Class Sizes  

According to the National Center for Education Statics, the average class size for private schools are between 16 and 17 students as opposed to the average public school size of 21-27. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to provide students with a more personalized and individualized education. Students receive more one on one attention from their teachers when classes are smaller. If your student begins to fall behind or needs a little extra attention, you can have confidence in knowing their teacher at a private school will stop and take the time needed to help them.  

High Academic Standards  

Private schools are known for having a higher level of difficulty in their curriculums in order to prepare students for college and beyond. Students are held to a high academic standard at private schools. Private school teachers will push their students to succeed in a supportive and nurturing environment. At King’s Schools, 98% of students continue to pursue higher education after graduation.  

Unique Programs  

Students at private schools often times have opportunities to participate in unique programs and extracurriculars. Whether it be foreign language programs, sports, or career focused programs, students can pursue whatever their interests may be. They might even discover a new passion. King’s Schools provides students with a variety of unique programs from athletics, DECA and Mock Trial, to robotics, and a Spanish Immersion Program. These unique programs empower students to explore their passions and gifts, setting them apart when it comes time for college and job applications.  

What’s the Main Difference Between Public and Private School?  

While public school may be best for one child, private school may be a better fit for another. The main difference you will find between private school and public school is, private schools offer a more personalized education for your child that is tailored to their unique gifts in an environment that offers more focused attention between teacher and student.  

King’s Schools, a Christian Private School 

In Shoreline, WA you will find a Christian private school that provides students a Christian College preparatory education from preschool through grade 12. Teachers at King’s Schools are caring and loving individuals who truly want to see God’s best for your child in every aspect of their life. Students will have unique opportunities to be discipled, encouraged, and inspired daily. If you think a private school education from King’s might be the right fit for your family we would love to meet you, schedule a tour today!