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Beyond the Basics: How Private Elementary Schools Foster Creativity and Critical Thinking

August 30, 2023

King's School Blog - Beyond the basics private elementary school

Are you looking for an elementary school experience that offers your child more than just a standard curriculum? Private schools such as King’s Elementary School, a Christian School in Shoreline, WA, are known to go the extra mile when it comes to fostering creativity and critical thinking in their students. Here are some of the ways private elementary schools do this. 

Curriculum Enhancements 

Private elementary schools often provide a curriculum that goes beyond the traditional grade-level material. Often these programs will include topics that dive deeper into a subject or introduce new ideas. For example, at King’s Elementary School, music classes involve learning about musical theory and composition instead of mastering a few songs by rote. In science, environmental studies and engineering may be added to give students an appreciation for sustainability from a young age. At King’s Elementary School, students learn the basics of technology in a state-of-the-art technology lab.  Such enhancements encourage creative exploration and critical thinking that a regular curriculum may not cover. 

Private Elementary Schools Structured but Flexible Schedules 

Every student learns differently, so having structured schedules based on individual goals can be beneficial in helping them reach their potential. The flexibility offered by private elementary schools such as King’s Elementary makes it possible to formulate unique itineraries without sacrificing consistency. Taking advantage of learning opportunities within and outside the school grounds is encouraged. This environment promotes curiosity and challenges students by inspiring them to investigate further on their own accord. 

Out-of-Class Activities 

At King’s Elementary School, activities such as sports teams, drama clubs, chess clubs, or robotics clubs can offer students enriching experiences outside the classroom setting. These activities build teamwork skills while encouraging critical thinking and creativity in problem-solving tasks — all while having fun! The incorporation of relevant technology takes learning to another level. Students at King’s Elementary use computers, tablets, and other digital devices to explore topics more deeply or access remote opportunities they wouldn’t usually have through traditional education methods. 

Overall, private elementary schools like King’s Elementary School in Seattle, WA, offer unique opportunities for students to go beyond the basics when it comes to education. While also enhancing their experience through the encouragement of creativity and fostering critical thinking skills outside the classroom. Book a tour today to see how King’s Elementary fosters creativity and critical thinking for its students.