Christian Schools have the unique opportunity to inspire and transform the lives of their students in a spiritually rich and caring community. Students at King’s Schools in Shoreline, WA, receive a Christian Education from teachers who follow Christ and live an active life serving Him. What do Christian Schools offer that public schools do not?

Here are five advantages of sending your child to a Christian School.

Strong Foundation of Biblical Truths

Christian Schools provide a strong spiritual foundation for their students and teach them how to apply Biblical Truths to their lives. Not only will students learn about Jesus and His unconditional love, but they will also learn morals and principles that will help guide their life. At King’s Schools your child will receive a Christian Education that is founded on Biblical Truth. Students begin learning the Word of God in Bible classes as early as Kindergarten. Every year their knowledge and understanding are deepened. These Biblical truths then shape and influence their worldview. At a young age, King’s students gain an understanding of who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and how to apply what they learn from the Bible to their lives, making their faith their own.


Christian Schools provide a unique opportunity for students to be discipled by teachers, faculty, and coaches. A King’s mom shares, “What a blessing to have powerful voices of people my children spend time with every day come from other adults who see them, recognize them, and want to speak truth into their lives.” King’s Students have a community of adults who are passionate about discipleship. They care and love each individual student deeply. Students are discipled in their classes, during chapels, and while at extracurriculars clubs and athletics.


In the Christian faith, prayer is a powerful tool, and at a Christian School students and teachers are allowed to pray freely. Most teachers open classes with prayer as well as frequently asking students for prayer requests. The Junior High at King’s even has a Prayer Team that meets during lunch to pray for one another and the school as a whole. Students learn the power of prayer and their faith grows stronger as they see answered prayers .

Christ-like role models

Because King’s Schools serves students from preschool to high school, students have the opportunity to engage with older students who serve as Christ-like role models for them. It’s one thing to have teachers and coaches to look up to as a young student, but it’s truly special when younger kids can look up to a senior in high school and be inspired. King’s Elementary partners with the high school in many ways, such as in the summer with athletic camps. Each athletic team hosts a weeklong summer camp that is entirely student-athlete run. High school athletes mentor and lead elementary students, creating bonds that last far longer than one week in summer.

Disciplined Environment

Christian Schools hold their students to a high standard academically and socially. A disciplined school environment produces students who are more successful in school and in life. At King’s Schools, teachers, faculty, and administration set strict rules for students to follow. The guidelines students follow will make them better members in the community, teaching them to treat others with love and respect. Teachers and faculty care about the future and wellbeing of each student and take the time to correct students with love and Biblical truths.

Christian Schools provide their students with the tools needed for a successful future where they will thrive academically, spiritually, and emotionally. If you are in the Seattle, WA area come visit King’s Schools to see the advantages of a Christian Education for yourself. Schedule a visit today!

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