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Parental Involvement in Elementary Classrooms

September 1, 2023

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Parental involvement is important at King’s Elementary School because kids win when parents are involved. “It takes a village to raise a child.” This rings especially true when it comes to education. At King’s Elementary School in Shoreline, WA, the classroom is not just a place for teachers and students; parents also play a crucial role. King’s Elementary partners with parents in their child’s education, which means there are several daily opportunities for parental involvement.  

What does parental involvement look like?  

Parental involvement can range from attending parent-teacher conferences, helping with homework, volunteering at school events, or engaging in classroom activities. It’s all about parents being active in their child’s educational journey. At King’s Elementary School, the teachers want to get to know you. For instance, parent-teacher conferences are a fantastic opportunity to hear how your child is doing, and for you and their teacher to form a relationship.  Teachers schedule conferences prior to the conclusion of the first grading period. However, parents are always welcome to set up a meeting with their child’s teacher at any time.  

Why is parental involvement important in elementary school?  

Research indicates that active parental involvement in a child’s education leads to children having better grades, behavior, and attitudes. Your child is more likely to enjoy learning, which sets them up for success, not just in school, but in life. Parental involvement also helps bridge the gap between home and school. Parents and teachers can create a consistent learning environment when they work together. This consistency gives your child a sense of security and helps them focus on learning. By getting involved, you gain insight into what your child is learning and can reinforce their knowledge at home in a practical way. 

Volunteer at your child’s elementary school! 

Volunteering offers another excellent avenue for parental involvement. At numerous elementary schools, parent volunteers are warmly welcomed to engage in diverse activities, including reading to the class, assisting with art projects, or chaperoning field trips. This involvement not only provides you with insight into your child’s school day but also demonstrates to your child the value you place on their education. At King’s Elementary, you can join other parents in planning events. Events such as BINGO Night, Glow Night, and Game Night have all been successful thanks to parent-led initiatives. Volunteering allows you the opportunity to get to the kids and parents in your child’s class. You can encourage friendships with kids and parents you trust, giving you peace of mind when they have play dates.  

What are the benefits for parents?  

By being actively involved, parents gain a deeper understanding of the school system, while also seizing the opportunity to witness their child’s progress and firsthand learning experiences.  Plus, it opens communication lines between parents and teachers. This connection allows parents to voice concerns, ask questions, and provide valuable insights about their child. With King’s Elementary providing small class sizes, volunteering in your child’s classroom allows you to familiarize yourself with each of your child’s classmates. Understanding the peers your child spends their day with holds significant value.  

Parental involvement in elementary classrooms is a game-changer. It is about more than just being present; it is about actively participating in your child’s educational journey. By doing so, you show your child how important their education is to you (putting a value on what you want them to value), and it allows all the kids in the class to have more one-on-one time with adult role models. If you are in the Seattle, WA, area and are looking for a private Christian elementary school that partners with you, King’s Schools is the perfect fit. Schedule a tour today!