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Spiritual Culture at Christian High Schools

October 24, 2022

King's School Blog - Spiritual Culture at Christian High Schools

Each high school has a unique culture that contributes to the overall experience for both students and their families. Hopefully this culture includes a tight-knit community, school spirit, and academic excellence. What does the culture look like at a Christian High School? Or more specifically, what does the spiritual culture feel like at Christian High Schools?  

To explore this question, let’s look at King’s High School in Shoreline, WA.  

Spiritual Culture at King’s High School 

King’s is a Christian private high school in the Seattle area where students are provided a college preparatory curriculum in a Christ-centered community.  

The spiritual culture at King’s High School is not just found in Bible courses and Chapels but is woven through everything the students, teachers, and coaches do. 

King’s High School’s Spiritual Culture can be seen through:  


When you send your child to a Christian High School like King’s, your child will be discipled by their teachers, coaches, and even peers. King’s High School teachers start class with prayer and a word from the Bible. Learning about Jesus is not just limited to Bible classes, teachers incorporate their faith into every subject manner. Coaches disciple their athletes through team devotionals, prayer time, and frequent mentoring. 

 Coach Jim Shapiro, King’s High School Football coach said,  

“We incorporate times of devotion and prayer into practice. I try to teach the boys that their day’s going to be busy, just like a practice session. And yet you should find those moments to be with God.”  

Students are surrounded by Christian adults who want to see them grow in their faith. Check out other ways King’s students are discpled.  


Throughout every student’s academic journey at King’s, they will take several Bible courses. Students participate in Bible classes starting in kindergarten and continue through their senior year. Bible teachers teach straight from the Bible, providing students the knowledge to grow in their faith. In addition to Bible classes, King’s High School provides students the opportunity to learn more about Jesus in weekly Chapels. Chapel is a time for students to engage in worship and hear a message from a speaker.  


King’s High School has a strong community of believers. A King’s senior said, “We cannot walk the Christian life alone. A strand of three cords is not easily broken.” This community of believers will stand with your student and your whole family as you walk through life. There is something special about being surrounded by others who are like-minded and share the same beliefs as you.  

The Spiritual Culture you will find at Christian High Schools like King’s is truly unique. Schedule a tour to see what makes King’s Schools so special.