We are so excited to have Susanna Hoke as our Campus Pastor for the second year! Mrs. Hoke has been part of the King’s Community in Shoreline, WA, for the last four years. Before becoming our Campus Pastor, she coordinated KIDS Praise at the Elementary School. Mrs. Hoke served in faith-based nonprofits, as well as in several churches overseeing family ministry and missions, and most recently as a Pastor of Discipleship before joining the King’s Community. 

Mrs. Hoke serves King’s by writing devotionals for our families and students. These devotionals highlight a Bible verse and are a great way to reflect and get to know who Jesus is better. Please enjoy the latest devotional Mrs. Hoke wrote for the King’s Community.  

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith.” Hebrews 12:2 

What’s Susanna Hoke, Campus Pastor’s, story? 

“My family moved houses over the summer, and as we packed, we found ourselves talking a lot about our stories. We remembered the story of how we sensed and followed God’s leading in our move to Seattle, WA, nine years ago. We spoke of the story currently unfolding in our decision to move across town, and we prayed about the unknown story that was being written about the future occupants of our old home. As we reflected on these stories, I found myself once again grateful and in awe, that truly. the best stories are those that we allow God to write with our lives. 

You and your family have a story and a story about this year. Perhaps this is your first year at King’s, and you have a story of God’s guiding in that decision. Or perhaps you have a graduating senior, and you are already praying about the unknown story ahead. As we greet one another at the start of the year, we will likely share stories of our summers. Perhaps it has been a restful summer or a summer of play and adventure. Or perhaps you or those you hold dear are in a season of struggle, and you are entering the school year already weary. Likely, we all enter this school year with hopes, worries, and prayers about what story might unfold for our kids. Who will their friends be? How will it go with…? What about…? 

One thing I love about the Bible is the prevalence of stories. Page after page, we read about the miracles that happen in and through people who have trusted God to write their stories, and we see the tragedy of those who have gone their own way. Take the apostle Peter, a simple fisherman who allowed God to write a remarkable story with his life. Or the Israelites, who, at times, struggled to remember God’s past faithfulness and provision as they faced uncertainty in the next steps of their journey.   

What would it look like for us to hand over our story to God? To allow Him to write it and weave it into the larger story of how He is at work in and around us? I came across this quote the other day: “God is still writing your story. Quit trying to steal the pen.” We can “quit trying to steal the pen” because ultimately, above all our small stories, the Bible reminds us of the powerful and personal, holy and tender, earth-shattering, saving, real action, true story of God for humankind. Our stories begin and end and can be woven into His. 

As we enter this school year, I’d encourage you to take some time to reflect and give thanks for how God is writing your story and the story of your family. Take some time also to hold up to God with open hands, all the hopes, questions, worries, unknowns, and even plans for this year. Invite God, trust God, to be the author of your story and the story of your family. Truly, the best stories are those that we allow God to write with our lives. This year, may we trust Him with the pen.” 

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